Lets get to know the bloke behind the camera .

Obviously I love taking pictures of people at weddings so I will just tell you a bit about me so I’m a little bit less of a stranger.

I now live in Bedfordshire with my wife Kiylee (thankfully she didn’t change her name to Kiylee-Lee) and two French bulldogs, Winnie and Bones who often make an appearance on on my instagram.



I have an indoor plant collection of 100+ including lots of rare beauties. The house is starting to resemble a jungle and it has become a covert operation to sneak them in past the wife.

My quiet time is spent in the potting shed talking to plants and propagating new ones. Potentially got some issues here but fine with it 🙂


I was born in Derby but have spent the majority of my life living in London. 17 years of my career has been as a fashion designer / head of design for some of the UK’s biggest high street brands as well as spending four years working in United States designing for a well known brand with a preppy moose logo.

While I consider myself more of a documentary photographer capturing all the magic natural moments as they happen throughout the day; coming from a fashion design background and working on marketing campaigns has also helped me to add the odd bit of editorial style to my work so you get the best of both worlds.



- I originally wanted to join the army but ended up designing ladies clothing 🤷‍♂️

- I have a huge collection of Nike trainers 👟

- I’ve lived in the USA twice and Belgium 🇺🇸 🇧🇪

- Took a 6 month travelling sabbatical. 😎

- Explored over 50 countries 🌍

- Once scored 60 goals in a season ⚽️

- Avid art collector 🤓

- I have an indoor plant collection of 100+ including lots of rare beauties. 🪴

- I can do a weird eye spinning trick which I’ve never seen anyone else be able to do before. 👀

- I did said trick on the TV show Tenable 🙈


As you can see I love to travel so if you are having a destination wedding please do get in touch. I have a couple of bucket list destinations so if you are getting married in one of them I am happy to offer a discount to seal the deal.


Most of us feel awkward standing in front of a camera (you can see I do) but my aim is to capture everything you want with minimal fuss, posing, directing or time away from where the fun is at.

Basically, if you hate posing but still want some awesome photos then GET IN TOUCH 😁✌🏻

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